Eurovision! You may be sitting here, beginning to read this article, and have no real clue what is meant by the term “Eurovision”. Do not fear, you shall be shortly educated on the greatest international music gathering in the world.

It all began on the 24th of May 1956. Based on the Italian Sanremo Music Festival, seven European nations came together to compete in a music competition. Each country submits an act and the members of that country vote as to which act was best, which results in a winner (you cannot, of course, vote for your own country)! By the end of the 20th Century, over 40 European nations were now competing in the annual event. The most famous name to come out of Eurovision is, of course, ABBA.

You may also be wondering how on earth a European music competition has any relevance to Australia. Being the smart cookie that you are, you may have worked out that Australia is in fact not part of Europe. Though indeed Australia is not a European country, it has become for many an annual tradition to watch the event. With the two semi-finals and the grand final being streamed by SBS, many Australians host parties and social gatherings in order to mark the very special occasion. Parties generally consist of each person dressing up as one of the countries competing, as well as many drinking games, like every time a winder machine is used.

Yet this year (to the delight of Eurovision fans every year) Australia was allowed to compete for an anniversary special! That is right, Europe finally decided Australia was part of their continent!! With Guy Sebastian performing, the competition held in Vienna, Austria, will once again see the talent of Australia, having seen Jessica Mauboy appear as a guest act last year.

In my family, watching Eurovision every year has become a tradition so I am pleased this tradition is continuing at IH. I hope everyone who turned up last night to the screening of the event (proudly brought to you by Cultural Committee) thoroughly enjoyed themselves. A big shout out to Red Frogs for catering!


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